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Rich Media Resources: Philosophy

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Rich Media Resources: Philosopy

Note that where it is specified that a podcast or rich media content is available from iTunes, you must have the iTunes application on your computer to access that content.


Audio (only):


  • Virtual Philosopher is a blog by British educator Nigel Warburton, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, The Open University, whose Philosophy Bites---podcasts of top philosophers interviewed on bite-sized topics, which he has assembled with David Edmonds, author and BBC documentary maker---is a rich source of content on a wide variety of subjects. See also Ethics Bites, a 14 part podcast examination of ehtical issues. You can also access Philosophy Bites on iTunes.

  • The Philosphy Podcast from Learn Out Loud available as a free podcast on iTunes.





  • EpistemeLinks a portal, gateway to a wide variety of philosophy resources on the Internet.


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